Iliac artery stenosis

Right common and external iliac occlusion – right SFA occlusion

“iCover is a covered stent that stands out for its incredible visibility as is the unique covered stent with radiopaque markers. It’s well crimped on the balloon, perfectly tapered and offers a high flexibility in undeployed state (possibility to do a cross over even with a sharp aortic bifurcation).”

Right common and external iliac occlusion, right superficial femoral artery (SFA) occlusion.





Rutherford stage 3
Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)
High blood pressure (AHT)



Left common femoral artery (CFA) puncture was done


Introducer sheath Destination 7F, 45cm was used , together with a Terumo guidewire curved stiff 0,035”, UF catheter


It was a cross over procedure, using a Sergeant support catheter to cross the occlusions and arrive to the femoral artery (Image 3). Sergeant crossed successfully and arrived to the SFA


Revascularization of right iliac axis in an antegrade way and recanalization of the right SFA occlusion implanting 2 iVolution pro (Video 3/ Image 4)


In the right common iliac oclusion, iCover was implanted. iCover went through the iliac bifurcation eaisley and the implanation was performed succesfully

Videos collection

Video 1 - Right Iliac oclusion

Video 2 - Right SFA oclusion

Video 3 - iVolution pro implantation

Video 4 - SFA final outcome after iVolution pro implantation

Video 5 - iCover crossing the aorto-iliac bifurcation

Video 6 - iCover in the right iliac artery

Video 7 - iCover implantation

Video 8 - iCover implanted outcome

Video 9 - Final outcome

Video 10 - Final outcome

Video 11 - Final outcome

Video case

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Final angiography

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Treatment recommended

The treatment post-procedure was Aspirin lifelong and Clopidogrel during 3 months.

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