Iliac artery stenosis

New balloon expandable covered stent in the iliac artery

"What I value the most is the double ePTFE layer, the good profiles and the navigation of iCover. I would also highlight the good visibility offered by the radiopaque markers that facilitate the precise placement of the stent, as in this case, which is perfectly implanted at the left common iliac artery ostium."





74 year-old male with hyperlipidaemia and hypertension, with no previous history of PAD.
The patient suffered an episode of embolization in the left foot.
On examination, an ulcerated plaque in the left common iliac artery was detected (Image 1 and Image 2).



The two common femoral artery were punctured to perform a kissing stent-balloon technique. A 7F 10cm sheath was used.


Entering with a guidewire Advantage 35, the lesion was crossed and 8x37 iCover was introduced (Image 3)


The iCover was inflated at 8 atm during 10 seconds in the left common iliac artery, and at the same time a 8x40 balloon was inflated in the right common iliac artery, to protect it.


After the iCover implantation (Image 4), a guidewire (from the contralateral side) was used to cross another time the covered stent in order to treat the left fem-pop segment.

As iCover is a complete encapsulated stent, the guidewire was able to pass fluently (Image 5). This feature facilitated the treatment of the left lower limb from a contralateral approach.

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Video 2. Crossing iCover from the contralateral

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